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Last Update:10/1/2013 1:50:26 PM


Chittagong is the second largest and the most beautiful city of Bangladesh, situated within 22°-14´ and 22°-24´-30´´ N Latitude and between 91°-46´ and 91°-53´ E Longitude and on the right bank of the river Karnafuli. A port city with a population of around 40 million and the second most important commercial and manufacturing center of Bangladesh after Dhaka. Almost more than 10000 registered companies are located in Chittagong. Every sector is operational in Chittagong like RMG, Financial, Manufacturing, Developers etc. In total, to cater the career needs of Chittagong, evolved in 2007. is a job portal truly for Chittagong and first of its own kind exclusively for Chittagong to meet the career portal of our country. We are re-launched in 2013 and completely managed by Royex Technologies. Royex is a Web and Software development company of Bangladesh that operates globally in international market. It serves a great deal of sophisticated clients of UK, USA, Middle East and many other countries by utilizing our world class up-to-date technologies and vast level of experience.

WIN-WIN Strategy: allows employees to find and apply jobs for the leading companies of Chittagong while employers of Chittagong will be able to advertise to find the qualified candidates or professionals for employment in a cost-effective way. We have the largest database of CV’s of candidates and professionals who are either from Chittagong or searching for jobs in Chittagong. Our aim is to cater the career needs of both the employees and the employers of Chittagong.

What makes us DIFFERENT?

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If you are thinking about a job or job advert in Chittagong, think about us. We will help you to explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are perfect for you.